What exactly is ‘Trash the Dress’?
Now that the wedding is over you have two choices of what to do with the dress. You can lock it in a trunk or you can put it back on and add some fun, unexpected photos to your wedding album.
Where does the session take place?
Anywhere, there are no rules! Walk right into the ocean, an old abandoned building, ride horseback, douse yourself with paint, jump off a cliff. The possibilities are endless so use your imagination.
How long will our session last?
Plan on your Trash the Dress session lasting two hours.
What is the cost and when will I receive the photos?
The cost of a Trash the Dress session is only $250, or $200 when combined with any of our wedding packages. You will receive your edited photos on DVD 10-14 days after your shoot. Add $60.00 to substitute a Custom Walnut USB Flash Drive & Box for DVD. Includes password protected online gallery to view, share & order albums, prints, canvases, metals, etc.
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